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Dermatend Review

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Dermatend is a product that all natural, and is designed to treat both skin tags and moles. The product took third place in our product rankings according to users of the product and our editors.

The product is generally effective at eliminating skin tags and moles. However, our users have reported that this product takes longer than H- Skin Tags (#1 product).

Our editors and users have determined that Dermatend works well when used as directed, and meets safety standards, but does not beat out top 2 rated products in terms of effectiveness or pricing.

Effectiveness and Quick Results

Dermatend acts on the skin tag, but is not always fast in removing the tag. The product works on all types of tags and moles.

Natural Ingredients

All Natural & Safe
Eliminate Doctor Visits
No Prescription Needed
60-Day Guarantee
Ships Fast & Discreet

Where Can I Buy H-Skin Tags?

The product is sold online at the company website -


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