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Groin Skin Tags

Groin skin tags are growths of excess skin that appear in the left or right groin (sometimes both), mostly in men. They are distinguished from the genital skin tags that appear on the penis, usually at the circumcision line, and vaginal skin tags, which grow in the genital area for women. The occurrence of groin skin tags (and of course penile skin tags too) is the cause of embarrassment for many men who have a sex life. So men need to explain groin skin tags to their partners as harmless growths of excess skin. This is the problem of countless men of different age categories and have has no connection to a man’s race or his social/economical/religious background.

Causes of Groin Skin Tags

The exact causes that give rise to groin skin tags are not known. The general idea that skin tags arise in places where skin rubs against skin seems to be applicable to groin skin tags that appear in the fold of the groin – the place where the skin of the leg and that of the balder frequently rub together. Still, other factors may be involved because not all men develop groin skin tags. Some studies claim that skin tags in the groin area are associated with diabetes and a few other diseases. These findings still need to be verified.

Health Risks

Like other skin tags, those in the groins do not pose any health risks. They are benign masses of excess skin, causing only some irritation when subject to rubbing or friction. In some cases, men having groin skin tags get worried about them when these growths increase in size. In such cases, they may be taken for genital warts which are contagious and may be the precursors of cervical cancer. It is safe then to visit a dermatologist and have the skin tags area examined. Even when identified as skin tags, men would usually choose to have them removed for general comfort in the respective area and also to avoid embarrassment during or after sexual activity.

Removal of Groin Skin Tags

Groin skin tags can be removed easily and painlessly in a physician’s office. If required, the patient is given a little local anesthesia. The skin tags in the groin area are them removed by surgical scissors. The tags may be removed by ligation i.e. tying them up with a string around their base so as to cut off their blood supply. This makes skin tag removal easier and pain free. Many physicians now use cryotherapy (freezing) to remove skin tags by freezing the growths with liquid nitrogen. This kills the cells of the groin skin tags and does not injure the surrounding tissues. For larger skin tags in the groin area, two or more visits to the doctor’s clinic for skin tag treatment may be required.

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