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How to Remove Skin Tags

Before considering the question of how to remove skin tags, you may need to know why to remove them. Well, there is more than one reason the dominant of which is the quest for a smooth skin that appears beautiful and fresh. But then skin tags are also unwanted growths for other reasons, e.g. they may cause irritation or pain when rubbed against clothes or jewelry etc. Also, some of them may pose potential heath problems (especially if they are growing to a large size and/or are changing color or shape). For these reasons, a person having skin tags would like to get rid of them. Here comes the question of how to remove skin tags. Different methods are available to remove skin tags and it is better if the patient first considers where he/she would like to remove his/her skin tags; in a clinic or at home.

How to Remove Skin Tags in a Clinic?

People who choose to have their skin tags removed by a professional dermatologist are provided with more than one option of how to remove skin tags. Most people today choose one of the two common methods of removing skin tags: cryosurgery i.e. freeze skin tags with liquid nitrogen or ligation i.e. cutting off the blood supply to the tags and thus causing them to fall off. Cryosurgery is quicker and fairly safe with no significant risks. The physician may also remove skin tags by cutting them off with scissors and cauterizing (burning) the remaining cells at the wound with an electrically heated metal. This method involves local anesthesia and is preferred by some patients as it staunches the bleeding from the wound. Many cosmetic surgeons now use laser to remove skin tags. So a person having skin tags has a number of options about how to remove skin tags in clinic.

How to Remove Skin Tags at Home?

Many people would still not opt for going to a clinic for removing their skin tags by surgical methods. Instead, they consider how to remove skin tags at home. Again, more than one method is available. One has the option of using special over-the-counter skin tag removal oils such as H- Skin Tags. Herbal remedies are an effective type of solution for the problem of how to remove skin tags at home.

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