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Remove Moles

Skin moles can appear anywhere on the body including the armpits, the back and even in the groin area – wherever we have skin. Moles are extremely common and everyone has at least one mole on their body while some have up to 40 moles. This is why skin mole removal is of importance. If you have them, you may well want to know how to get rid of skin moles. Below, you will find the different ways to remove skin moles.

There are many old fashioned home remedies to remove skin roles such as squeezing grapefruit juice and applying to skin moles repeatedly several times per day for about a month or applying Aloe Vera gel to skin moles with a cotton bandage and leaving for 3 hours so that the gel is completely absorbed. More gel would need to be absorbed using a fresh bandage when needed over several weeks. Home remedies such as these have been used for years and in some cases handed down from generation to generation.

Another way to remove skin moles is by using a natural remedy available on line and made from pure essential oils. You can apply such a skin mole removal product gently and successfully in the comfort of your own home safe in the knowledge that there will be no burning or scarring – unlike a chemical or excision solution. A popular product that users of talk about and that we recommend is H- Moles.

A further way is for a doctor to cut the mole out of your skin and stitch up the wound. This method can be painful and will usually leave a scar. Alternatively, your doctor or dermatologist may use the method known as excision with cauterization. With this method, the moles are burnt off and the wound cauterized by using electricity. Pain and scarring are possible.

The laser method of mole removal leaves no scarring but it is still not perfect because it cannot be used for deep moles because the laser light does not penetrate deeply enough. Sometimes the cells below the surface of the mole grow back when laser treatment is used which then means the mole itself comes back too.

Moles are caused by the melanocytes in our skin. These melanocytes are a type of skin cell that produces the brown pigment which when exposed to the sun gives us our sun tan. Groups of melanocytes often form colored lumps and these are moles and of course ordinary moles are harmless. In spite of being harmless, we still might want to remove skin moles for reasons of appearance. Not all skin moles are harmless and if you notice any changes in your skin moles, these should be checked by your doctor or dermatologist as soon as possible who will advise on the necessity or not for skin mole removal.

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