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Skin Tag Causes

According to estimates, about every second person on this planet has one or more skin tags on his/her body in one of several areas - the groin, genitals, armpits or eyelids. Yet, the question of skin tag causes has not been answered by health professionals. One of the main reasons for this seems to be the benign nature of skin tags. Since they are known not to pose any threat to health, skin tag causes have not been made a priority for scientific research. Still, several studies have been conducted by several researchers to find possible skin tag causes and their findings include a number of influencing factors potentially responsible for causing skin growths that include the commonly known skin tags. The main causes are briefly described below.


One of the possible skin tag causes is heredity i.e. genetic tendency to develop skin tags. This has been found particularly in people who are in, or close to, the middle years of their life. But people of any age group, including babies, are on the average more likely to develop skin tags if they are born to parents who have the same kind of skin growths.


A number of studies and surveys list obesity as one of the main causes of skin tags. Being overweight puts you at an increased chance of getting skin tags. Overweight people usually develop skin tags in their armpits, groins, on the neck, and on eyelids. It is yet to be discovered exactly what causes skin tags to grow in these parts in obese people. One idea is that rubbing of skin against skin is an important influence on the growth of skin tags. In women, this is thought to be responsible for developing skin tags under the breasts.


Men and women are equally likely to get skin tags except for pregnant women. Pregnancy is one of the main skin tag causes in women. Pregnant women may develop skin tags under their breasts (bra lines), under the arms, and/or on the neck (between the folds). The good thing about skin tags in pregnancy is that they commonly disappear, without treatment, in a few months after childbirth. If they cause annoying symptoms, then skin tag removal can be performed safely by cryotherapy (the freezing of skin tags) in a dermatologist’s office.

Miscellaneous Skin Tag Causes

Besides the main factors mentioned above, other skin tag causes have also been shown to influence the growth of skin tags. The most notable of these is chaffing or rubbing of skin against skin in different parts of the body. Elevated levels of hormones, like those peaking during pregnancy or involved in gigantism, are also regarded as possible skin tag causes. Another cause, pointed out by some studies, is the boy’s insulin resistance. In some cases, microorganisms may also cause the appearance and/or growth of skin tags. The Human Papillomavirus (wart virus) is one such example of skin tag causes.

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