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Skin tags are small protruding bits of skin that often grow in the groin area, armpits, neck and eyelids as well as other places on the body. They are harmless, but are often considered unsightly. Because people often wish to remove the tags naturally as opposed to leaving them there or resorting to more intrusive surgical techniques, a wave of new products has hit the marketplace, with some companies looking to make fast money off of unsuspecting consumers that have not done the research on the companies and products themselves. This makes it difficult to know whether the product works or not. has made the complicated simple, by independently reviewing all of the known skin tag products on the marketplace, and sorting them by the following criteria - safety, effectiveness, pricing and company reputation.

The following list represents the best Skin Tag Removal on the marketplace, based on our criteria, and rated by both our editors and real users of the products.

H-Skin Tags Formula

This product was voted the #1 skin tag removal product by users of the product and independent editor reviews. The product scored very highly on our scale of Safety, Effectiveness, Pricing and Company Reputation. Our editors have classified this as the best product to treat skin tags overall in our reviews.

We recommend this product to anyone that is searching for a quick and natural effective treatment for skin tags.

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Dermatend is a natural product that is really designed to remove skin tags and moles. This treatment ranked #2 in our list of products. Overall, when reviewed based on safety, effectiveness, pricing and company reputation, this product did not score as high as H-Skin Tags Forrmula.

While overall effectiveness is good, the product costs more than the #1 and rated product, and therefore is given the second position rating. Still, a great product overall

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Skin Tag Help Team

More Information

Skin tags are a problem for millions of people of both sexes and nearly all age categories. Although skin tags are mostly harmless, skin tag removal is sought by most people who get these skin growths, mainly for cosmetic reasons. Moreover, skin tag removal also dispenses any potential risks of annoying symptoms (pain and irritation) and/or infection of these tags by disease-causing microbes. Following is a brief description of various methods for skin tag removal.

Surgical Removal of Skin Tags

Dermatologists use various techniques for removing skin tags, quickly and safely, in their clinics. These skin tag removal techniques usually do not require local anesthesia except in cases of large skin tags or some other factors like the patient’s level of tolerance etc. commonly used surgical methods for skin tag removal include: cutting (traditional type of surgical removal with scissors), cauterizing (using an excessively heated metal to kill and remove skin tags), cryosurgery (freezing the tags by means of an excessively cold substance, usually liquid nitrogen), and laser surgery. The costs of these methods for skin tag removal vary; cutting and cryosurgery usually come as less expensive techniques.

Skin Tag Removal with Over-the-Counter Medicine

Some people prefer removing skin tags with less invasive means of treatment. One of these is the use of over-the-counter medicine like DermaTend and SkinSave etc. DermaTend is applied to the tag(s) and the area is covered lightly. The tags disappear in a week or so usually without any pain or annoying effects. SkinSave is a medicinal formula, consisting of herbs and mineral salt, used for removing skin tags as well as moles and warts. It is recommended that a physician be consulted before applying these medicines.

How to Remove Skin Tags at Home?

There are people who won’t like to go for surgical removal of skin tags. Instead they opt for skin tag removal at home, using home remedies. One effective remedy for removing skin tags at home is applying baking soda and castor oil. Mixing these two ingredients together and bringing them to the form of a gooey paste produces an effective home remedy for skin tag removal. This paste should be applied to the skin tags three times daily. In about two weeks, it would cause the tags to dry up and fall off. Applying tea tree oil three times daily to skin tags also causes them to fall off.

Removing Skin Tags with Dental Floss/Thread

A somewhat invasive but not so painful method of skin tag treatment at home is by cutting them off with a pair of scissors after tying them off up at the stalk base with a thread or dental floss. The cutting/clipping tools used for this purpose must be sharp and cleaned (sterilized) with alcohol or some other agent. The person usually feels a sting as the tag is clipped off but it is not very painful. Peroxide or some other antiseptic is applied on the small wound after skin tag removal.

#1 - H-Skin Tags

#2 - Dermatend

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